Monday, November 15, 2010

From the beginning...

At the beginning of this process, Youth Arts and I decided this project should be able to be moved down the road if the fate of the cafeteria changes.   We met with Michael Roy (PHI designs) and Frank Willey (EBS tile installer) to go over materials and installation possibilities.  By the end of the meeting we determined we would adhere the mosaic tiles to 2 1/2' x 5' plywood boards and create a steel track to slide the finished mosaic pieces in place.

The next phase of our planning was bringing in Portland mosaic artist Gretchen Schaeffer.    She is a very talented mosaic artist and also teaches early education at the Waynflete School.    We had a very educational day with her as she shared examples, proper techniques with hands-on demonstrations and what materials use (ie.  glass tiles,  Weldbond glue, thin set mortar, beach stones etc).    Although we had Gretchen only here for a day she continues to be a resource via email or phone.

If you would like to see Gretchen's work you can see this youtube video she created highlighting her work and style.
Gretchen's Youtube video

Maine Arts Commission website-
Examples of Gretchen's mosaic art style

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