Friday, December 10, 2010

Ready to take the leap!

We had a bit of a set back that needed to be resolved before kids started gluing tiles on the boards.   The wooden boards started to warp slightly.    Obviously this wasn't a good thing!   We had the boards on the cement floor in the old Industrial Arts room and it must have absorbed the dampness in the floor.   After a week of being on tables and sealing the back side of the panels the warping has subsided.

All the tiles have arrived and kids have been busy picking them off the mesh backing.  We have also started recruiting special guest "pickers" to voluntarily work  for a day to help move 
the process more quickly!

Another big job is cutting the tiles.  This job is much more satisfying and fun to do for our student staff.  You get to use a cool tools!   Wooohooooo!

Next week we will start the outlines of the trees!  Tori spent the afternoon painting in the tree lines in blue so we have a guide to go by!   EXCITING WEEK AHEAD!

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