Friday, February 11, 2011

Artist Eric Hopkins Visits CRMS

This was a great day for the arts at Camden-Rockport Middle School.  
I started out my introduction at the assembly by saying I was one happy art teacher and I was so proud of the 50+ students that have worked on the mosaic so far.  When you look at it in all its enormity it is hard to believe 10-14 years olds have made it.  It goes to show you what you can do when people work together.  This is a true collaboration of teachers, parents, students and community members.   In this crazy world we should be thankful that the joy of "making art" and working together as a community is still alive and well in Camden-Rockport.  

A big thank you to Eric Hopkins who made time in his busy schedule to connect with our kids and motivate others to participate.  It was truly an honor for me to have him in our company and look forward to his return to celebrate the finished and installed artwork.  

Now here are the photos from the day!   Thank you Ellen Curtis for taking lots of pictures!

The unveiling of the unfinished mosaic to the whole school at the red/white day assembly.  Thank you to all Youth Arts moms who helped lug the panels into the gym.

Eric spoke to the school about how we are so lucky to have such natural beauty in our backyard.   He reflected back to what he was doing during his middle school years in Rockland, Maine and encouraged kids to get involved in the making of this mosaic.    "How cool would it be to come back 30 years from now and know you helped create this!" said Eric Hopkins.

Back to work!  After the assembly, we took about 23 kids back to the IA room and Eric spent time talking about his own artwork and inspirations.

Here we are asking Eric questions about depth,  horizon line crispness and whether to add more islands.

 We put him to work! We asked Eric to paint some of the water so we could get 
the "flow" correct and he graciously accepted.

                                                 Then the kids started to paint too!!!!

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