Monday, March 28, 2011

Time is Flying!

87 students (about a 1/4 of our school population) have worked on the mosaic so far and there is still PLENTY of opportunity for kids to come down 
and glue on some tile pieces!     

Stats to dates-

 25-   5th graders   
15- 6th graders  
21- 7th graders 
26- 8th graders  

 2nd bird done with legs!   (although the legs are not glued down yet)

2 birds and a possible 3rd might join them!  Notice the sky forming.   It started out white at the horizon line and has transitioned to light blue.   Soon kids will be transitioning into a slightly darker blue and will continue that pattern until the top.

I see blue skies all around me.....

birds again

Color study of water.   Tile will be cut in half when finally glued down.

Color Study of water.

Close- up of sky starting to fill in

Horizon line water color study


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  1. I love this mosaic!!!! What a project.......patience and determination prevail.