Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If every week was like this week...

Michelle Orne and I worked late after the kids left on Tuesday.  We realized the kids are tired of working on green and blue trees and we needed to look at the work vertically to get a sense we are heading in the right direction.  We were pleased with the progress but also recognized we had a huge amount to go! BUT...we accomplished a lot during our work session and 
if we make gains like this every week I think we will be in good shape!

  It is hard to see but the entire design in drawn out on the panels with pencil.  We only painted sections the kids were working on.  Trees, Trees, Trees!


We added Sherman's Cove to our design to balance the composition.  Michelle stayed longer and painted  the islands,  horizon line and clouds.    Thank you Michelle!   It is nice to see the design with color and see the horizon line so clear.  Now that the outlines are in place kids can start adding beaches,  rocks and grassy areas.  Wooooo Hoooooo!

The birds you see are drawn on white drawing paper and taped to the panels.   Soon we will find their perfect size,  shape and placement and draw them on!  

Lastly, we have about 50 students working on this but would love more participation throughout the winter and spring.  Teachers are welcome too!

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